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Marilyn is 47 yrs old, separated, having two grown up children age 21 yrs old boy and 19 yrs old girl from Cavite City. Marilyn is a smart girl , soft spoken , kind and friendly with her co- workers and with her own Filipino community. She's an AgriBusiness graduate in Philippines. She came in Aug 2013 to work in Singapore.

She worked for a Chinese family member of 5 in a 4Room HDB flat. Her duties are household chores like cleaning the house everyday, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, doing laundry, ironing and cooking. There are 5 adults in the house and everyday she has to serve 5 people breakfast and dinner or sometimes lunch as well as the other son is at home sometimes studying. The lady boss is working as a military officer and she's quite strict with everything. Marilyn left after 3 months because as first time in Singapore she can't cope with Madam's expactations. She has been transfered to another employer.

Worked for 1 year and 8 months with an Indian family member of 3. The couple has 3 months old baby. There is another Sri Lankan maid in the house. Marilyn's duties and responsibilities are household chores, like vacuuming the whole house, mopping, dusting, doing laundry, ironing and baby sitting from time to time. Reason for leaving is employers went back to Dubai for relocation.

She worked for a Chinese family for a year looking after Ah Ma with severe Alzheimer's disease. The family are living in a 2 storey house. Her main duty is to look after Ah Ma and household chores. She has to cook for the family a simple Chinese meal everyday. She brings Ah ma for check up, to the daily exercise and to go sight seeing outside their home. Marilyn's employment has been cut short because Ah Ma's condition is getting worse and the family employed a registered nurse for Ah Ma.

Worked for a Chinese family member of 12. There are 2 maids in the house 1 townhouse and 1 condo. Marilyn is working in two houses and the other maid is more on cooking and part of the house as well. Marilyn's duties and responsibilities are household chores like vacuuming two places everyday, dusting, mopping, doing laundry and ironing. She's not cooking in this family as the other helper is in charge with the cooking.

Currently working in a 2 storey landed property looking after Ah Mah, and doing general household chores.There are two maids in the house. Her first priority is Ah Mah, she accompany her to church, shopping, hairdesser, accompany her for check up and see a doctor. The family has a pet dog to look after. She's doing simple cooking and doing all the general household like mopping with hands, cleaning and watering the plants, gardening and doing the laundry. She's seeking transfer as she can't handle the dog by herself. Marilyn is looking forward to find an employer with kids.

Anyone interested with Marilyn pls contact Shirley at 87007412 or Elma 87007412 for face to face or phone interview for prior appointment.

Separated (48)
Ref: src-elms-
Upd on 20-Jan-17

Doremi is from Pagadian, Mindanao, a 36 yrs old mother of 2 chidlren studied midwifery (undergraduate) back in Philippines. She has a certificate of achievement in Healthcare Assistant Training ( 4 Oct 2015 to 3 January 2016). and completed her training at SOHA Institute Pte Ltd from ( 7 June2015 to 20 Sept 2015). She's knowledgeable when it comes to looking after both children and elderly. Doremi is a pleasant girl, simple and a very hardworking person.

She worked for 3 yrs to a Singaporean family member of 4 adults, an 84 yr old elderly, husband and wife and 1 grown up Grandson in a 2 storey landed property. She also takes care of 3 small dogs. She's doing all around job like cleaning the house, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, doing laundry, ironing and cooking. She takes care of Ah Kong's needs though he's still mobile he is still dependent on someone for his needs.

She worked for a British family member of 5, Madam, Sir, a 3 yr old son and a newborn twins, living in a 4 storey house . She does all the cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, cooking, doing laundry, ironing and marketing. She seek transfer after 3 months as she can't cope with all the chores and looking after the kids by herself. Three kids is quite a handful. She has also working experience with a American/Korean couple living in a condo..

Worked for a Chinese family staying in a landed property looking after Ah Kong who is 92 years old but passed away and Doremi has been transfered to another employer.

Currently working for a Jewish family all adults staying in a 4 storey house along Cavenagh Road. She's doing an all around job like cooking, doing laundry,ironing, and housekeeping. She's seeking transfer as she can't cope of the family's partying at home having a party once or three times a week. She can't handle of all the cooking of sometimes 15 dishes. Employers agreed and consented for her transfer.

Anyone interested of Doremi please call Shirley at 87007412 or Elma 87007413 for prior face to face interview.

Married (37)
Ref: src-jose...
Upd on 19-Jan-17

Gina is married with 3 grown up children age 19, 18, and 16 yrs old. She's from Angeles City Pampanga Philipines. She's a well mannered girl, very simple and very down to earth. She has worked for 10 years for Indian family member of 4 as a domestic helper looking after 2 kids age 3 and 4 yrs old. Working for 7years in Philippines and another 3 years in Singapore. Gina can cook Indian food like dhal soup, roti, stir fry vegetables, curry chicken, porridge and others. She's an all around helper from cleaning, cooking and marketing.. The family left for good to India and she was recommended to another family friend a French couple having 3 children age 16, 14 and 7 yrs old. The current employers are willing to give reference for Gina and allow her to find a new employment.

Anyone interested with Gina pls contact Shirley 87007412 / Elma 87007413 for prior appointment.

Married (53)
Ref: src-inda...
Upd on 19-Jan-17

Ammy arrived in Singapore in 2011 worked for 4 household so far. She's married with one son age 13. She's from Albay Philippines. She's simple, responsible and caring with children. She loves to work in a household where harmonious relationship exist. She's able to do her job like following employer's instructions with respect and happiness in carrying out the job. She doesn't talk back she doesn't complain and she's very patient with the children. She's responsible in carrying out employer's way on how to discipline their kids in a proper and in a nice way.

First employer she worked with is a Chinese family member of 5, consisiting of 4 adults and 1 child age 5 yrs old living in a 3 storey house. There are 5 cats to be given a bath once a week. She has to clean one big motor bike to make it shiny every other day. She has to do gardening in front and back part of the house and according to her she sleeps at 12 or 1am and wakes up at 4am and she has no enough food to eat in the house. She stayed in this family for 4 months.

She has worked for Filipino family for 4 years looking after 1 and a half yr old boy and 3 months old baby living in a 3 bedroom HDB Flat. .She fetched the child to and fro school and she cooks meal for the family. She clean the whole house doing laundry, ironing, doing marketing and teaching the child some of his homework whenever she can.She has been with this family for 4 years. Within almost four years Ammy has no off days and when she wanted to have off days they were not happy so they released Ammy.

Her 3rd employer is a Chinese/French couple living in a 4 storey landed property.Ammy worked for them for 7 months looking after 4 kids age 13, 11, 8 and an infant. She has one cat to take care and one car to wash. She sends and fetched kids to school and if there's any extra curricular activities she accompany the children using public transport. She has been doing all the household chores, cooking and marketing. She doing regular cleaning everyday and able to manage her time between household and the kids. The previous helper came back to work for the family and so Ammy has been referred to their best friend.

Ammy was then transfered and recommended by her 3rd employer to their best friend which is her current employer right now a Chinese/New Zealander couple living in a 3 storey house but after few months moved to a 3 bedroom condo. Her duties and responsibilities are marketing,cooking, general household chores, sending and fetching the eldest son to school . She fetched the kids to and fro school. School is just a 10 minutes away from the house. She also takes care of a cat and washing 2 cars once a week There are two maids in the house right now and so Ammy is seeking transfer as the employer can't afford two maids. She's looking forward for any household that may offer her employment to continue her work here in Singapore and be able to support her family back home.

Anyone interested with Ammy please contact Elma at 87007413 for prior interview .

Married (36)
Ref: src-sbs
Upd on 17-Jan-17

Evelyn is 31 years old married that stay in province of Ilocos Sur.She is number 6 in the family of 9 sibling and she finished 4 years in secondary education.She claims be reliable,active,simple personality,very motherly,confident & patient in doing job & hardworking.She as an assurance that she can oerformed very well in general cleaning and other domestic job.

With her total years of experience as a domestic helper she started to worked from 2012. She 1st worked for an Indian family with 2 children ages are 5 & 7 years old. She took care of the children,doing all the general house hold chores as well as the cooking,marketing.with her employment with Indian family employer are moving back to India where she move to a new employment.

From 2013 - 2015 she worked for another Indian familyliving in a 4 bedroom condo.When she joined them they had just a twin new born baby.her main job taking care of newly born baby,do preparing the baby daily needs like preparing strerelize baby bottle's,feeding pu baby to sleep,bathing,changing nappies and doing all the general house keeping,cleaning,mopping & swepping the floor,laundry & marketing.Aside from that she has to do cooking meals for the family.In addition she has to take care of a small dogs bring for grooming,go for excercise pee & poo and do feeding.She also willing to learn more with chinese dishes,western food and other type of asian cusines. and also has to do running other errand like purchasing house hold thing when needed.

During her employment Evelyn learn to cook indian food and prepared most of the meals.As she can read and follow receipe books and western dishes.She enjoys cooking Indian food and filipino dishes from her home country as well.She is fast learner and like to explore and learn new things.She can follow the daily / weekly household schedule and also do the best she can to ensure her employers preparation for cooking.

She is available anytime to attend interview.Contact Shirley at 87007412 for prior arrangement.

She willing to learn more with chinese food,western food and other type of asian cusines.

Married (32)
Ref: src _ d...
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Aprilyn is 28 years a single mother of 2 children ages are 6 & 9 years old,that stay in the province of pangasinan..She is the eldest in the family of 4 siblings.She had finished 4 years in secondary education and pursue her course 2 years college as a nursing aide. For her pass exprience as a single mother of 2 kids confident in taking care infant and grown-up children.With her ability of work,she look smart,active person cheerful and very responsible person.

She claims to be hardworking,patient,honest,trustworthy and hardworking,She can be trusted with her household chores and looking after infant & grown-up children and willing to learn more with cooking.Suitable with infant care and grown-up children.

Preferences/Aptitude & Experience

  • Prepare baby food / sterilize baby bottle's,do baby feeding,put baby to sleep,bathing & changing clothes for the baby & give baby vitamines
  • Preparing daily need like breakfast / school uniforms / bring & fetched after to school / helping for thier meals
  • Preparing all the daily needs of the children
  • General house keeping / laundry / ironing
  • Do marketing / purchasing household items
  • Able to cook Arabic food / western dishes
  • Able to do car washing / flower gardening
  • Willing to take care of dogs / cats

Aprilyn her worked experience in Dubai (UAE) a muslim family consist of 2 children ages are 1 yr 6 months & 6 months old a couple both working living in 4 storey landed house.Her duties is taking car of the 6 months old baby and resposibilities are fetched the 1 yr 6months child too & fro from school,prepares children's meals when they are at home and she prepare snacks to bring to school.She organizes playgroup with friends and discipline children when they are at the playgrown to play to assure they are in safe enviroment and to play ahead time to time.Her other duties are all the housekeeping,,cleaning the entire house daily,polishing all the furnitures,cleaning the bathrooms,tidying all the kitchen after cooking,does vacumming the floor and helping in cooking.

Available via phone interview contact Ms. shirley at 87007412 for more details.

Single Parent (28)
Ref: src_maricar
Upd on 14-Jan-17

Jocelyn E.Batang is 37 years old married with 5 children ages are 1816,12,10 & 7 years old.She come from the province of Tuao Cagayan Philippines.She is the eldest in the family of 9 siblings. She's graduated for 4 years in secondary education & pursue her college as junrior secretarial for 1 year but unable to continue due to some finacial needs. She was unable to find and employment in the Philippines and she dicided to go abroad to work as a domestic helper. As a mother of 5 children she has no other aternative way to work abroad to support her husband for the daily needs and for childrens education. Jocelyn shown her ability to work as domestic maid,a mother who is willing to sacrifice and work seriously for her children future, she is simple personality, well mannered,humble honest and hardworking.She has good command of English,well and can carry out instruction correctly without supervision.

1st experience from 2013 till 2016 worked for 2 years at Cairo Kuwait a muslim family a couple both working has 3 children ages are 5,7 & 13 years old, living in a apartment. Her main job is to take care of the 3 children attending daily needs,like preparing breakfast and all their school needs,school uniforms,pair of shoe's,water bottle's and preparing for their meals,assist with school home work,bring them to the playgrown to play.Able to cook for the family an arabic food,like curry chicken,mexican chicken,vegetables curry,roti,macbus,majubis and other type of food,western food.She helps Madam to do groceries sometimes.Do all the general house keeping.

Jocelyn promises to do her best to work hard and follow instruction given by her employer,willing to learn more with different type oa asian cuisines,can do car washing,flower gardening,hand sewing and taking care of pets dog & cats.Jecelyn is suitable in taking care infant & grown-up children.

She is available via phone interview anytime.Jocelyn is prepared to worked in Singapore longer to support her family needs. Jocelyn can be consider to be well versed in doing all the general household chores,keeping the house clean and orderly,like washing clothes,ironing,doing the dishes,going to the market and do shopping groceries purchasing household items when needed. She has knowledge in preparing for for the family,arabic dishes,western food and very determine to learn more on cooking other asian cuisines.

Anyone interested with Jocelyn please do contact Ms.Shirley at 87007412 for prior phone interview.

Married (37)
Ref: src chato
Upd on 13-Jan-17

Mary Joy is 31 years old , single, from Davao City. She's a highschool graduate, willing to pursue a college degree but the family has no enough financial means to provide for their needs, as the father is not earning much as a farmer and a mother as a housekeeper. The income for the whole family can't provide for all the needs of six children . Mary Joy at 31, single and she is determined to be able to provide for the family especially for her siblings to finish school and find a job of their own to share the load of the family to make ends meet at the end of the day.

Jan 2013- Jan 2015 She worked for two years for a Chinese family looking after 7, 17 and 21 years old living in a 2 storey landed property. Her duties and responsibilities are sending the children to and fro school, preparing the children's breakfast everyday, as well as for Madam and Sir. She goes to the market to buy fresh fish and vegetables, she also goes to the supermarket to buy dry goods and toiletries and cleaning stuff. She keeps the receipts to claim the money from the boss or she asks in advance and keep the receipt for the boss to see.She does household chores regularly, vacuuming and mopping the floor, dusting of furnitures, cleaning the windows, doing the laundry, ironing, preparing meals and cooking for the whole family. Preparation and cooking of dinner is a must everyday.With her status in withr prevoius employer didn't allow her to renew her passport and gone back to Philippine to renew new passport. She wishes to work in Singapore again and she wanted to change environment to learn and explore more.

Mar 2015- Dec.2016 working for a Chinese family living in a two storey landed property house looking after 2 grown up children age 12 and 16 years old and 1 elderly, who is the brother of his male boss. Mary Joy is currently doing 3 car washing once a week and doing all around job like vacuuming and mopping the floor, washing the toilets regularly, dusting furnitures, doing laundry, ironing, and gardening. She cooks for the whole family as well. She can cook chinese food like soup, chicken curry, steamed fish, fried bijon, fried vegetables, pork stew, and some western food like pasta, spaghetti, meatballs and green salad. During Chinese new year the whole family likes to do steamboat and Mary Joy helps and do all the marketing and do purshasing household items.

Mary Joy is capable and confident in chinese cooking,taking care of young children,do flower gardening and car washing.

Anyone interested with Mary Joy please don't hesitate to contact Shirley at 87007412 for prior face to face or phone interview.

Single (31)
Ref: src-Asley
Upd on 12-Jan-17

Lelia S.Nool is a 38 years old married, a christian with 4 children ages 18,16,10 & 3 years old and a resident of Isabela province.She finished 4 years in secondary education and the eldest of 4 siblings.She is humble,respectful to everyone, honest, patient, cheerful and hardworking girl. .She speaks good English and can follow instruction given by employer..

Lelia begun to work in Singapore as a domestic helper since Mar 2010- Dec 2014 with the same employer living in a HDB flat at Sembawang area with chinese family member of 5 sir, ma'am, grandma and the 2 children a girl age 9 and a boy age 3. .Her duties are maintaining household chores, like cleanliness in the house, doing laundry and ironing, running errands and most importantly looking after the children. Assisting them on their daily needs like preparing to go to school, preparing their meals before and after school, and helping out in their homework whenever its necessary is a must in this household where Lelia performed well within 4 yrs.

In Febuary 2015 she worked for an Indian vegetarian family with 1 child 4 years old girl living in HDB at Queens town area.Her main duty is to take care of the employer's daughter ,like fetching her to and fro school and to assist the child with her personal needs like bathing, changing clothes, feeding, playing with the kid and assist her with her school work and accompany the girl whenever she has school activities outside school.Reason for leaving as unable to work longer as food problem.

Lelia is capable and confident in chinese cooking, indian cooking, taking care of young children, marketing, taking care of pets, flower gardening and car washing.Lelia had confident working with a big family,able to work with 3/4 storey landed house,can do marketing,car washing,taking care of dogs and other type of domestic job.

Available for interview over the phone . Please contact Shirley at 87007412 and Elma at 87007413 for prior arrangement.

Married (38)
Ref: src -aida
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Michelle is 39 yrs old single Mum of two age 18 yrs old son and 7 yrs old daughter from Caloocan City Philippines. She's the 3rd in the family of 4 siblings. Michelle is jolly , honest, hygienic and hardworking type of girl. She's serious type when it comes to her job. Capable of looking after baby or toddlers.

She came to Singapore in Mar 2013 - Feb.2016 to worked for a Filipino family member of four looking after 9 months old baby and 3 yrs old child. Her duties and responsibilities are mainly looking after the kids. Secondary duties are household chores like cleaning the house,ironing, doing laundry and cooking. She cooks Filipino food and Western food. She works for this family for 3 years but her employment has been cancelled when the Sir went back to Philippines for good. She was then transfered to a Chinese family .

Second employer is a Chinese family member of 6 including Sir, Maam, Grandma, Grandpa, and the two kids age 10 and 8 living in a 3 storey landed property house. She worked for just a while with this family because according to her they have no food and they buy their own food and had miscommunication with the other helper by then she requested not to continue & was back to Philippines.

Suitable and confodent to worked for a big family as able to worked with 3/4 storey landed house,does chinese cooking willing to learn more with variety type ofe asian cuisines,can do purschasing house hold item when needed,marking and all the domestic job.

Anyone interested with Michelle please contact Shirley at 87007412 for prior arrangement.

Single Parent (40)
Ref: src _ros...
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Dulce is 36 yrs old, married with two grown up children age 15 yrs old and 15 months old from Bohol Philippines. She's caring, loving , attentive and responsible to children. Due to her family needs she wishes to work again in Singapore to support her family needs include her children education.

She came to Singapore in year 2009. Her first employers are Chinese Malaysian family having 4 months baby & 5 years old both boys. Her duties and responsibilities are general housekeeping like doing laundry, ironing and cooking. With her job scoop daily has to take care of the baby like preparing daily needs like sterilize baby bottles,bathe the baby,,do feeding & to put baby to sleep & also fetch the boy to and fro childcare, playing with him in the playground, giving him a bath, and reading story books before bedtime. Her employment has been cut short because the family issue & when back to Philippine.

March 2010-March 2011 She worked for an chinese Malaysian family member of three, the couple has 1 child. Her job and responsibilities are mainly household and looking after the child. She does all the cleaning whenever the kid are not around or if she does she see to it that the child is not up to something. She cleans while monitoring both kid once in a while. She cleans the house in a regular basis, like cleaning the bathroom, dusting, vacuuming and mopping, arranging the cabinets and cleaning the fridge. Reason for leaving employers went back to the UK & her employer recommended to transfer to her friend.

May 2011 - July 2011 Worked for a Amerian family 4 member family has 2 kids 2 & 5 years.Her job scoop is to manage the entire house ding all the domestic job which include taking of the 2 kids.Does all daily needs of the kids,do marketing,cooking meal s for the family,asisting the children with there daily needs for the school.Reason for reasing as employer relocated back to US & was recommened to transfer with friend.

July 2011- Sept 2013 Worked for an Australian family having two children age 4 and 5 yrs old. Her duties and responsiblities are looking after the boys, assisting them both in their needs, picking them up from downstairs from the school bus, accompanying them whenever they have extra curricular activities like soccer, and swimming. She does all the household chores, cleaning the whole house regularly and cooking. She plans and prepares meals and school lunchs and even preparing food for birthday parties. She arranges playgroup with other kids and accompany the children to friend's place. She does marketing and recording and keeping receipts from purchased itemsitems. She has been transfered to another employment as the employers are leaving for US for their sons surgery.

Sept 2013-Oct 2014 She worked for a New Zealander family having an infant and one small dog. She look after the baby by herself day and night as both couple are working full time. She wakes up 2 to 3 times during the night and feeds the baby. She see to it that the milk bottles are cleaned and sterilised, monitor by writing down the time when the baby has been fed and the time when the baby poo and how many times. She monitors how and what is the color of the poo. She has to be attentive when it comes the baby's condition and be alert when something wrong with the baby. She will immediately inform her Maam if there's something amiss going on with the baby. Sadly Dulce went back to Philippines to settle a problem with her own son. Being a teenager and away from his own mother is not easy. He needed someone especially a mother beside him to guide him in a very critical stage as an adolescent and so Dulce decided to be with him fo a while.

*Working Experience*

  • Caring for younger children (above for specific ages) including arranging playdates & planning activies during school holidays.(resposible for getting them off the school bus,supervising play,bathing and feeding them. Also somtimes fetched them from school and took them to other school activities.
  • Household duties icluding cleaning,laundry,ironing
  • Planing & preparation of meals & school lunch.(preparing food for birthday parties).
  • Can able to cook chinese food & western dishes & do bake cakes,muffines & biscuit
  • Going grocery shopping include preparing shopping list & recording,maintaining receipts for purchases household items
  • Taking care of pet like dog( feeding,walking,taking for gromming & washing

Anyone interested with Dulce pls contact Shirley at 87007412 for prior phone interview via skype.

Married (36)
Ref: scr-delia
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Clarilyn is 42 years old single Mum with 8 kids age 25, 22, 20, 17, 14, 13, 12, 9 yrs old . She's from Baguio City Philippines. Clarilyn is gentle, soft spoken , hardworking and has determination. Willing to do everything for the sake of her children's future. As a single Mum she has to work harder to support her family on her own. She has been working in Singapore since 2011. She worked for a Singaporean family member of 5 Sir, Maam, Grandma, Grandpa and the 10 yr old girl. Her duties are household chores, cooking and looking after the 10 yr old girl's needs. She goes to the market with Ah Ma every day the old lady's mode of exercise. Clarilyn sends the girl downstairs to wait for the school bus and same in the afternoon. She left the family because Grandma locks her inside the flat without giving her key and she's worried of her safety.

She worked for a Singaporean family member of 6 including Grandma, Grandpa, and the kids age 4 and 6 yrs old . She send the boys to their designated school the 6 yrs old goes to the nearby primary school and the 4 yrs old is at childcare. Both boys goes to different school but just a walking distance from their house. She helps the boys with their school bags and she see to it that they are safe while crossing the road and she has to hold their hands when walking. She cooks for the family and she goes to the market on her own. She plans what to cook every week and see to it that the boys eat properly. She does all the household chores like tidying up the kitchen every morning and every after cooking plus doing laundry, ironing, vacuuming and mopping the whole house everyday. She wash the bathrooms in a regular basis and once in a while arranging the wardrobe and cleaning the kitchen cabinets. As the kids are growing up and the Maam can handle the household on her own, Clarilyn was transfered to another employer. She completed her 2 year contract with this family.

She worked for Japanese/ Korean family having 4 months old baby and 4 yrs old daughters living in a condo. Her duties and responsibilities are household chores, cooking, primarily looking after the children. She sleeps in one room together with the 4 months old girl , she wakes up at least 4 times during the night to feed and change the baby but she has ample time of rest during the day. The boss understands that she has no enough rest during the night and she can rest while the baby is sleeping. She cleans the baby's milk bottles, sterilize it everyday and keep it dry and clean. She manages her time with the kids and the household chores. The family went back to Japan for good as the lady boss fell ill of cancer. The family decided to go back to Japan for good.

Worked for French /Singaporean family having 3 children age 10, 7 and 4 years old kids living in a cluster 4 storey house. Her duties are household chores, cooking and looking after the kids. She does cooking for the whole family and doing marketing on her own, keep the receipt and claim to boss later for refund. Her employment has been cut short when the employer went back to San Jose California for good. She was so close with the kids that they even cried when they learned that they are going back to the US without Clarilyn.

Worked for Chinese family from China having 3 months and 14 months old daugthers. Clarilyn always travel with the boss to other countries wherever they go to other countries like Australia, Japan and China . The family are very dependent on her when it comes to taking care of kids because for them Clarilyn is great and in fact very experienced when it comes to infants and newly born babies. The family again went back for good after 13 months and so Clarilyn was forced to transfer employer. Her employer wanted to bring her along to China but Clarilyn was hesitant as she feels alone and lonely in such a far away place.

Worked for Indian/British family living in a landed house at Kembangan area. Her duties and responsibilities are household and cooking, as the employers has no kids or pets. Her duties and responsibilities are household chores like daily cleaning of the house, vacuuming and mopping the floor, bathroom cleaning, changing the bedsheets once a week and cleaning the windows . She cooks and helps for the employers home party once in a while. She left the family because she can't get along with the other Indonesian helper.

Worked for an Indian family in a condo at River Valley having a 4 yr old girl. Her duties are household chores, cooking, cleaning, mopping, doing laundry and ironings, mainly looking after the girl. Clarilyn is very close to the 4 yr old girl she fetched the girl to and fro childcare accompany the girl to go to the playgroup or go to the mall to her favorite spot like Toys R Us and to play at any indoor playground. The girl is very close to Clarilyn and they have a very close bonding with each other. The employer has no qualm living her daughter behind with her as they know their daughter is in good hands and safe at home with her Aunty. Her employers left for US for good.

Anyone interested with Clarilyn pls contact Elma at 87007413 for prior appointment.

Married (43)
Ref: src- Mari
Upd on 09-Jan-17

Ermie is 28 years old married with 4 children age 7,5,3 and 2 yrs old. Her husband will take care of their children when she come and work in Singapore. She's so eager to work as a domestic helper to earn more money to support her family especially for her children's education. She can't find a job back home to support her 4 children so she hopes to work abroad to support her kids as her husband's earnings as a laborer is not enough to support the whole family.

She worked for a Chinese/Filipino family for 3 months looking after Grandma with Alzhiemer disease but she can't take it as Grandma always hurt her like slap her hands, throw things and shout at her. She's being patient but she's scared in some occasions sometimes she get scared and always afraid of what will be Ah Mah's mood. She also cooks for the family but mostly Filipino food and Western food. She can follow recipe book while cooking. She's very hardworking and very willing to do things in her employer's household the right way from cleanliness and orderliness. She goes to the market to buy fresh food like fish, vegetables and spices. She follows her bosses to do marketing once every two weeks to buy canned goods, toiletries, kitchen and cleaning stuff. She knows how to grill fish, chicken and pork. She can be trusted with Filipino cooking. She's reliable and can be trusted with kids as well.

Anyone interested with Darlene please contact Elma at 87007413 for prior phone interview

Married (28)
Ref: ref-lira
Upd on 06-Jan-17

Elena is 24 yrs old, single Mum with 5 yr old kid, from Davao del Sur. According to her she's hardworking, humble , honest, trustworthy and most of all she loves children. She has no experience working for any family before but she has been looking after her own daughter since birth. She's so eager to come to Singapore to work as a helper to earn a living for her family. Her parents will look after her daughter whenever she comes here to work. She is awaiting for any offer of employment to come her way. She is ready to come anytime if there is someone who is willing to employ her. She is very willing to learn from her employers on how to look after the kids in their own way. She can do Filipino cooking and she's willing to learn Chinese cooking as well or any other Asian cuisine. She's fully aware that children comes first in the household, their safety and hygiene . She's very willing to learn on how to use appliances like microwave, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, all this she is expecting from her bosses to guide her for the next few weeks of her employment.

Anyone interested with Elena please contact Elma at 87007413 for prior phone interview.

Single (24)
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Leonila A. Blay is 38 yrs old , single with 8 siblings in the family and she was the 5th among them. She's from Batangas City. She's simple, hardworking, responsible and caring lady. She's very patient with children. She knows how to cater to the children's needs using her calm attitude in dealing with them.She worked for 4 yrs and 5 months with her first employer in Singapore. She worked for a British family with 7, 3yrs old and a new born baby living in a landed property a two storey house. Her duties and responsibilities are household chores, cooking and looking after the kids. The family has also a pet dog. She has to do all around duty like maintining cleanliness in the house ,cooking for the family, caring and feeding their pet dog. She has to bring the dog for grooming once every 3 months and bathing the dog once a week. Her first priority is the newborn baby and the 3 yr old. The 7 yr old is quite independent but she's still under Leonila's care. She is very capable to do all this responsibilities from household chores, childcare and dog sitting.

She worked for a Chinese Singaporean family for 6 months but cannot get along with the other maid so she has gone back to Philippines to take a break.

Leonila is readily available via phone interview. Please contact Shirley at 87007412 for prior arrangement.

Single (38)
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